Safe Trade Passage’ Defence and Security on Land, Sea and Air.

Royal Navy frigate F234 HMS Iron Duke, Security operations on the high seas.

Britain has used the seas for trade passage, defense and security for centuries. Britain’s trade wealth depends on the sea.

HMS Iron Duke seen here (below) made the largest seizure of cocaine ever recorded.

HMS Iron Duke is a Type 23 frigate of the Royal Navy.


The dependence of the West on the use of the sea for its survival and prosperity is geopolitical fact. In particular the dependence of Britain on the secure use of the sea has significantly increased, for both commercial and military operations.

According to the Chamber of Shipping, 95 per cent of UK trade by volume and 90 per cent by value is carried by sea.

In 2009 total direct employment at sea and in UK ports was over 100,000 people. This is a very substantial industry a vital one for the well-being of UK citizens.  It is an industry that depends on security and good order at sea,

In the coming public expenditure cuts we cannot afford to ‘sign off’ maritime security and naval defense of our seas.
The Royal Navy is and remains the principal guardian of the open seas and principles of UK’s national security, preserving the country’s wealth, prosperity, peace and the free trade global system on which all that depends.

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